Ayn-Kaf-Be: to succeed, take the place of, come after, strike on the heel, come at the heel, follow anyone closely. aqqaba - to endeavour repeatedly, return, punish, requitt, retrace one's step. aqab - to die, leave offsprings, give in exchange. aqabatun - place hard to ascent. uqbun - success. ta'aqqaba - to take careful information, shout, follow step by step. aqub - heel, son, grandson, offspring, pivot, axis. uqba - requital, result, reward, end, success. iqab (pl. aqubat) - punishment after sin, one who puts off or reverses, who looks at the consequence or result of the affair. mu'aqqibat - who succeed each other, some thing that comes immediately after another thing or succeeds another thing without interruption. It is a double plural feminine of mu'aqqib. The plural feminine form indicates the frequency of the deeds, since in Arabic the feminine form is sometimes employed to impart emphasis and frequency.
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