En yukarıya git
Ha-Vav-Ta: To guard/keep, keep safely/protect/take care of a person or thing, defend a person or thing, pay frequent attention to a person or thing, to mind or be regardful of one's things, have compassion or affection for a person, to undertake/superintend/manage one's affairs, retire to a distance, to leave and go against, take care of and preserve (the tie of kindred), draw towards oneself or compress and guard one's possession, to surround/encompass a thing, build a wall around a thing, have within one's compass or power and care a thing or affair, monopolize a thing, endeavour to induce a person to turn or incline, endeavour to turn a person by deceit or guile (namely in a matter that he desired of him and which he refused him), surround/encompass/environ/enclose/hemm in a person or thing, to encircle or beset the sides of a person or thing, to have something or someone in one's grasp or power, to destroy or cause destruction, beset a thing on every side (and leaving no escape), to take a thing entirely to oneself and debar others from it, to comprehend or know a thing altogether or in all its modes or circumstances, to know a thing extrinsically and intrisically, attain the utmost particular of a thing, have a comprehensive and complete knowledge of a thing, to pursue a course or thing by prudence or precaution or good judgement, to use precaution, take the sure course, to seek the most successful means, take the surest method.