En yukarıya git
Cim-Dal-Dal: To cut off a thing, to be new, to become fortunate or possessed of good fortune, to be great or of great dignity or estimation, to be serious or in earnest, to strive/labour/toil/exert oneself, to feel distressed or afflicted, to drip or let fall drops (a house or tent, Bayt), make [or weave] stripes of different colors in a garment, to contend with another respecting a thing, relinquish or forsake, to originate or innovate a thing, to do a thing for the first time, to renew a thing, to be easy or practical, hard or level (like a ground free of soft spaces and clear to one's view), ascend upon the surface of the ground, to be lost or devoid of something, one's lot in life or means of subsistence, state of being in no need or having no wants or having few wants, to be great/exalted/majestic, to be or have much (abounding with a thing), to be of a great or extraordinary degree, to differ from the rest of something [and, thus, serve as a sign or mark] such as a beaten path marked with lines [cut by the feet of men and beast who travelled along it], to perform an affair by a certain way or manner, to form an opinion respecting a thing, to be renewed or replaced by new, to be cut off by the roots or eradicated, to be quick in pace.