En yukarıya git
Kaf-Dal-Mim: to precede, come forward, head a people. qadima - to come, return, come back from, turn, advance, set upon, betake one's self. qadamun - merit, rank, precedence, human foot, footing, foundation, example, strength. qadama sidqin - advancement, going forward in excellence, footing of firmness, strong and honourable footing, true rank, precedence of truthfulness. qadim - old, ancient. aqdamuna - forefathers. qaddama (vb. 2) - to bring upon, prefer, send before, prepare beforehand. taqaddama (vb. 5) - to advance, proceed, go forward, be previously (done or said), bring upon, send before, put forward (a threat), (threaten) beforehand, obtrude (opinion), be promoted, proposed, surpass, outstrip any one. istaqdama - to desire to advance, wish to anticipate, advance boldly. mustaqdimun - one who goes forward or desires to advance, who goes ahead, who lived before, foremost.