Kh-Lam-Fe: To follow/come after/succeed another, substitute or supersede, to supply/be a supplier to someone, to restore or replace a thing to someone, smite or strike from behind, yearn towards other than one's spouse (in the spouses absence/behind his or her back), speak of/mention someone behind his or her back, remain behind/not go forth, to be kept back from all good, to not prosper or be successful, to become corrupt or altered for the worse, retire/withdraw/go away, to turn away from/avoid/shun a thing, to become foolish/idiotic/deficient in intellect, contrarious/hard in disposition, to leave behind, to appoint someone as successor, disagree with or differ from someone, contradict or oppose someone, to break/fail to perform a promise, to follow reciprocally/alternate/interchange, repeatedly move to and fro (coming and going), to differ/ be dissimilar